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Blogs that Original Works Loves

“A blog is in many ways a continuing conversation. ”
~ Andrew Sullivan

This week I’m blogging about blogs that inspire our fundraising company!  Blogs come in many forms and can be a great resource for advice, ideas and even humor.  I wanted to share with you some of our favorite blogs, I hope that they help to inspire you.  Maybe you’ll even start a blog of your own!  If you do, please be sure to share it with us.

I thought I would start by providing a definition of a blog:


Our fundraising company is inspired by these blogs

The first blog that I wanted to share with you is Art Projects for Kids.  Kathy Barbro is an art teacher at Dixie Canyon Elementary, and has been running an Original Works program since 2001. I asked Kathy if she would give us a little background info on herself and how she started her blog.  Here is what she said “I first earned my B.F.A. at Minneapolis College of Arts and Design, and then enjoyed a 20-year career in graphic design. When my son entered kindergarten, my career path took a turn. Our local elementary school had no art program and that was all the inspiration I needed to take up a new cause. I served as a volunteer art docent for several years before becoming the school’s first Professional Expert in Visual Arts. With suddenly having 25 classes to teach each week, I found I needed a way to keep track of all my favorite projects. Blogging was the perfect solution as I could organize all of them by media, subject matter, art history and more. I also came to see that students could make art that would knock your socks off, so I wanted to share that too. Finding out as I blogged away that my collection was useful to others was purely a bonus. I now couldn’t picture my life without it as the internet allows me to come in contact with art-loving people all over the world – it’s truly amazing.”   I love that her blog also incorporated other social media, such as her Pinterest and Flicker sites.  Be sure to check out Kathy’s blog, we are sure that you will find a great project to do with your class, or even at home.

Retired teacher Phyl, has a great blog called There’s a Dragon in my Art Room.  Although now retired, it is clear from her postings that her passion for art continues through her blog.

You can find blogs that offer not only art projects, but supplies and classroom management ideas.  Check out That Little Art Teacher.

Last week, we shared the Penniless Teachers blog with you and this week, we wanted to share another similar blog called the Teacher’s Market.   This blog is all about helping teachers save in the classroom.  They have contests, giveaways, coupons and more.  You will definitely want to check it out and see what’s out there for you!

With so many great blogs, it was hard to pick just a few, so we’ve created a Pinterest board dedicated to “Blogs we love.”  We encourage you to visit some of our favorite blogs, and hope that you will share your favorites with us.  To do so simply email us or comment below with the link and why you love it!