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Promoting your Original Works Fall Fundraiser

Fall is here.  Schools, groups and organizations across the globe are busy creating their Original Works masterpieces, which means it is also the perfect time to begin promoting the program to your families.

Following are some tips for promoting your program that we have found to be extremely effective over the years:

  • PROGRAM POSTERS – Each starter kit we send out includes full color program posters.  Placing them in conspicuous locations such as the school entrance, main bulletin board, lunch room, is an excellent way to build awareness. 
  • SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENTS – This provides an easy and regular opportunity to keep the program top of mind with students and teachers alike. 
  • SCHOOL NEWSLETTER – Offers another excellent medium for highlighting the benefits of the program, while allowing you to reach parents and students alike.    
  • LOOK WHAT’S COMING LETTER – Also included as part of the starter kit sent to each school, it offers a great way to keep your parents/students informed, while creating excitement about the program.
  • DISPLAYS – Each year we see many great ideas and displays from the program coordinators we work with.  We thought we would take this opportunity to share some with you.

Do you have a display case in your school?  If so, consider creating a bold and colorful display like this one.  It is a sure way to grab attention and create excitement.

No display case available?  No problem.  Consider creating your own display like those pictured below.  Encourage your students to get involved too!  This can be a great way to increase interest and enthusiasm about the upcoming program.


  • E-MARKETING KIT – Take advantage of the tools included in our E-Marketing Kit, which provides all of your promotional tools in one convenient place. 

Have you developed a creative and fun way to promote your program?  Please contact us with your ideas and photographs if you have them.  We would love to feature it on our Facebook page and in a future blog!

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