Skills Children Learn From The Arts: Problem Solving

Skills Children Learn From The Arts:

Problem Solving

Real world problem solving isn’t a natural skill. Like everything else we teach our children, from learning to walk and talk, to exhibiting good manners, to socializing,  problem solving is a learned skill that is taught through example and experience.

  • Arts in the classroom can provide the perfect opportunity for children to be exposed to all types of problem solving. Creating a piece of art can be a joyous and exhilarating experience, and one that can present challenges. Weighing choices and making decisions as they create a piece of art exposes them to new ideas along the way, as well as how to effectively manage frustration.
  • Working with a variety of art mediums is an opportunity for kids to have new and comparative experiences. Within a group setting, they are exposed to other children’s artwork and different approaches to creativity, providing them with different views and means of expression.
  • The arts also provides a platform for practicing critical thinking skills. Creating art in the classroom results in a naturally dynamic environment. Socialization, conversation and expression can lead to discovering many new possibilities and fresh ideas.  Seeing others experiment with new concepts and different solutions for the same problem encourages inquiry and interaction.

Parents are often the beneficiary of skills their children learn from the arts. Problem solving is a process, and along the way kids are learning more about the world, their peers, and themselves. Our fundraising products are one way to capture a moment in time when children are learning to express themselves and share precious moments.

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