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Teacher Of The Quarter – Spring 2012

Ms. April Wylie – The Current Teacher Of The Quarter

Our featured Art Educator is Ms. April Wylie from Haw Creek Elementary in Cumming, Georgia. Last month Original Works was able to ask April some questions about herself, her love of teaching art and what she can share with her fellow art educators. Read below to see some of her answers as to what inspires her and what she has learned through the years.

How long have you been teaching art?
14 years.

What grades do you teach?
Kindergarten through 5th grade at Haw Creek Elementary in Cumming, GA.

So what was it that sparked your interest in becoming an art educator?
I had been a Graphic Designer for 13 years when I made a career move to teaching art at the elementary level. I had always been interested in teaching art to children but it wasn’t until the birth of my second child that I decided to switch careers. I switched over 14 years ago and I am still thrilled with the journey.

Do you have a particular art medium you like to use in your classroom?
I love clay projects with my students because they love clay! I love that this medium is an opportunity for some of my students to shine. I’ve noticed over the years that some students who struggle with two dimensional skills really shine bright when it comes to 3-D forms in clay. I love to see their smiles when other students are praising their clay projects.

Having taught for a while now at a variety of grade levels, you must have some interesting stories. Tell us one of the more memorable things that a student has done in one of your classes?
What is most memorable to me about my students is watching them grow not only as young artists but as young people. I love teaching all the kids in the school. I remember my 5th graders as kindergarten students and sometimes I pull out pictures of them from kindergarten and put them on the ActivBoard for everyone to enjoy. I teach the cutest kids ever!

Is there anything you would like to share with your peers?
I would like to thank my peers for SHARING! There are so many amazing art teachers with incredible webpages and blogs that are truly inspiring to me. I am motivated by their endless energy to create great art lessons. I want to thank them for continuing to inspire me to be the best art teacher I can be.

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