― Ezra Pound

This quote from Ezra Pound on art as a process of discovery seems quite appropriate considering that today we celebrate Columbus Day – a day set aside to honor the historical figure most often associated with discovering America.

At Original Works we are so fortunate to have discovery taking place here on a daily basis and in a very unique way – through the boxes full of student artwork that arrive on our doorstep each day.

Boxes Arriving at Original Works

With artwork coming in from schools all over the country, we never know what we are going to see when we open the next school box.  Each time it is a surprise, a little discovery, a visual window into the topic the teacher selected and how the student interpreted it.

Sally Looking Through Artwork

What was the theme?  What mediums did the student use to express it?  How did different students approach the same subject matter?  It is always exciting for us to see, and if we feel that way then we have to believe that the art educators in charge of the classes have to be down right fascinated.

Wonderful Examples of Artwork

Speaking of art educators, if you haven’t yet discovered the Art Teacher of The Quarter feature on our website, now would be the perfect opportunity to check it out.  These are the people who are on the front lines of beginning, inventing and discovering each day.  Read first hand what motivates and excites them, and learn how they draw inspiration, energy and a sense of exploration from their students.


Carol Newlin


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Lighthouses of North Carolina

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  1. Debbie Evans

    That big smile on the Original Works’ employee as she receives student artwork is priceless! What a fun job!

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