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5 Themes for Your Next Art Fundraiser

There’s nothing more special than a memory. Original Works helps you create fundraisers around memories so students and their friends and family can cherish their learning, growth, and talent.

When and how should you structure your fundraiser? Of course, there are countless themes you could use to shape your next art fundraiser, but the right theme isn’t always obvious. If you’re looking for inspiration, we have five favorite themes ready for you to use.

1. Holidays

Whether it’s President’s Day or Rosh Hashanah or Christmas, holiday fundraisers are always based on special moments. Rich with history and tradition, holidays are often both teachable and commemorative moments. Help your families celebrate with art projects like mugs, ornaments, and more while also raising valuable funds. Our Spring fundraisers are so popular because they cover both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day!

2. Seasons

Each season is distinct in character and quality, and nowhere is this more evident than in art and individual interpretation of the seasons. You could even hold one fundraiser for each season showing student growth over the course of a year. There are compelling reasons to schedule your fundraiser around Halloween, as the artwork is plentiful! Fall fundraising is wonderful because the colors are vibrant just like the leaves!

3. Heroes (Super and Otherwise)

From the firemen who douse flames to Ironman, we all have heroes. A hero fundraiser is an opportunity to talk about real-life heros in addition to the fictional kind. Maybe one student’s hero is Maya Angelou while another’s is Dr. Strange. Who our heroes are is a big part of childhood, and something that everyone will definitely want to remember.

4. Careers

Who remembers what they wanted to be when they grew up? How many of us have collectibles to prove it? Career day is always inspiring. With a career theme, your students will make the mugs they’re going to set on their future desks.

5. Favorite Stories/Characters

Stories are meant to capture the imagination. With Original Works, your students can bring these stories to life and then wear them as shirts or hang them on their wall as art prints. Though VHS gave way to DVDs and physical books are slowly giving way to digital, students and parents will always have a reminder of their favorite childhood stories with an Original Works fundraiser.

If you’d like more information on how you can start an art fundraiser, contact Original Works today!

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