Fun November Facts & Trivia

From blustery weather and breaking out the winter clothes, to the colors, smells and tastes of Thanksgiving, it’s a busy and fun time for students, teachers and parents! Check out these fun facts that will help make your November extra special! Basic November Facts: November is the 11th month of the year and the last …

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Fun October Facts

These are super interesting October facts and trivia for those born in the tenth month of the year. Basic October FAQ: Name: October translates into “the eighth month” in Latin. (In 451 BC the two months of Ianurarius and Februarius were added to the beginning of the calendar, making October the 10th month.) Calendar: October …

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Virtual Field Trips Around The World

 Cool Virtual Field Trips For Kids & Teachers The popularity of virtual school field trips has, of course, skyrocketed this year. The uncertainty of whether or not school will be in session during the next several months has not slowed down how teachers are planning their year, and their fundraising alternatives! From taking attendance …

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Skills Unlocked: How to Promote Children’s Creativity Through Art

Programs To Enhance Creativity Through Art Since 1986, Original Works has been encouraging ways to promote children’s creativity through art based fundraising programs that are fun and easy to implement. When people think of creativity, it is often associated with artistic abilities that come easier to a select few. The truth? Creativity is actually present …

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