Art Educator Spotlight

Art Educator Spotlight

Art Educator Spotlight features teachers and educators who utilize Original Works Fundraising programs in their classrooms.


Ms. McDonald is active on social media and online. Her blog, Miss Bright Blue Hue chronicles her life as an art educator. She posts everything from lessons taught in her class to her outfits that she wears daily. Her most popular section it the Sticky Note Challenge, which she encourages her students to answer a question on a sticky note.

Stand Out Teacher Q&A with Kathy Barbro

Today we are happy to bring you all a Question & Answer with Kathy Barbro. Ms. Barbro has been teaching pre-k through 5th grade for the past 15 years and has been running an Original Works fundraising program during that time. She also runs the Art Projects For Kids website, which is a one-stop site for Art Teachers of all grades.