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Albert Einstein: Creativity Is Contagious

Capturing A Child’s Creativity Through Artwork

We here at Original Works truly believe this. I love this quote because it captures the essence of why I started Original Works. Creativity is all around us. In fact, I would venture to say that our daily life is made exceptional through creativity, especially when that creativity comes through the eyes of our children. The creativity that pours out of your child this year will never be the same again. Every year their appearance, abilities, and even their thoughts change; and so does their original artwork.

The inspiration for our fundraising programs for schools!

When I saw our then two year old daughter, Alex, painting her first picture in our driveway, I found myself truly inspired by her creativity.

I realized that if I were inspired, then there had to be other parents out there in the world who would feel the same. It was then that I realized I had to act on that inspiration, and the idea for Original Works was born.

What developed from that first moment of creative inspiration was a dream to provide others with the opportunity to memorialize their own child’s artwork by having it converted into full color, practical and yet very special products that could be cherished for a life time. Believe me when I say that lots of people said “No” to me when I first started out, but I did not let them get in the way of my dream.

Creativity not only inspires you to dream and to act, but it can also motivate you to share that creativity with those around you. At our core, I think that is what our business is all about: sharing creativity with others. We all have masterpieces or photographs that are meaningful to us for one reason or another. At Original Works we take great joy in transforming these into lasting memories. Creating a tangible item out of a piece of artwork or a photograph is a special way to have a piece of those we love with us every day.

class showing off fundraising project

As Mr. Einstein so eloquently observed, in order for creativity to flourish, it must be “passed on”. That is what we want to continue to do in our business and through this blog. To inspire you, cause you to think and dream; and then to act in a way that will make that creativity truly contagious.

child and artwork

I am looking forward to this new journey and hope that you will join me and share your inspiration and creativity in the process. So sit back, grab your personalized Grande Mug, relax, and take this journey with us.

Carol Newlin

Carol Newlin
Original Works Founder & President

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