Private Schools & Christian School Fundraising

Private School Art Fundraising
Since private, Catholic and Christian-based schools receive no public monies (except for – perhaps – some grants the administration has been able to land), fundraising is even more important than it is for public schools.

Tuition rarely covers all the costs a private or Christian school may incur, particularly for non-academic needs such as sports, art, music, school trips, and other extracurricular activities.

This is where Original Works can make a difference.  If you’re looking for a fundraising activity for your private or Christian school, one that is truly different from any other fundraising activity you’ve participated in, then perhaps it is time to consider one of our art fundraisers.

How Our Fundraisers Work to Benefit Private Schools

Each student creates their own work of art in class.  The artwork is then submitted to Original Works, where we reproduce it onto a variety of items that the child or other family members select.

Perhaps best of all, your school receives a healthy portion of the proceeds.

There’s no door-to-door selling. No fudge to eat. No flavored popcorn to tempt you from your new diet. Instead, your students’ friends and family members receive lasting keepsakes featuring their very own artwork!

Want to learn more about just how cool our programs are?

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