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Blog » The Need for Fundraising for Christian Schools

The Need for Fundraising for Christian Schools

Since private and Christian-based schools receive no public monies (except for – perhaps – some grants the administration has been able to land), fundraising is even more important than it is for public schools.

Tuition rarely covers all the costs a Christian school may incur, particularly for non-academic needs such as sports, art, music, school trips, and other extracurricular activities.

If you’re looking for a Christian School fundraiser, one that truly is different from any other fundraising activity you’ve ever asked parents and students to participate in, consider one of our art fundraisers.

How Our Fundraisers Work

Your school’s students create paintings which their teachers send to us. We recreate the artwork on a variety of items such as coffee mugs, calendars, mouse pads, tote bags, t-shirts, etc. We provide you with a “catalog” of the artwork and the different items on which the art can be reproduced and you distribute the catalog to your school’s parents and friends.

Parents can even have the child’s artwork matted and made ready for framing.

Parents, grandparents and friends of your students’ families can then look at the catalogs and purchase  one or more of the items – all with their child’s, grandchild’s, niece/nephew’s artwork on it.

Your school receives a healthy portion of the proceeds.

There’s no door-to-door selling involved. No fudge to eat. No flavored popcorn to tempt you from your new diet. Instead, your students’ friends and family members get to purchase items that have the original artwork of their particular child showcased upon it.

Frankly, we have to say: “How cool is that!?”

We can provide grade-appropriate lesson plans to your school so that your teachers can have their students create artwork that helps them learn a lesson that fits your curriculum

The art needs to be completed in one day. Once the artwork is dry, your teachers then place all of their class’ work in a packet and sends it to us.

Your school’s parents and friends can then purchase the artwork on the different items in about four weeks (our Original Program).

We also provide your teachers with what we call the Artwork Package. This packet includes a full-color brochure of the artwork created by your students, an order form and a letter customized to your school’s needs which describes the program to your students’ parents/friends and how to purchase items.

Families send payment directly to us; there’s no need to collect order forms and checks from your students!

We also offer different fundraising options, including our Try Before You Buy (TBYB) and Tile Walls programs.

Original Works is the first company to create this one-of-a-kind fundraising program. We are proud to offer this terrific way to raise funds for your Christian school.

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