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Fundraising Products Made in the USA

At Original Works, we are committed to continually expand the number of products in our line that can be designated as Made in the USA.

So what does this mean?

In order to designate our fundraising products Made in the USA, our marketing and product development teams had some homework to do! Specifically, before adding the “Made in the USA!” symbol to our products, they had to ensure that products designated as Made in the USA were in full compliance with the FTC’s requirement that a product be all or virtually all made in the United States.  This means that not only must the product be assembled in the US, but all of the individual components of the product need to be produced here too.

With over 30 products, each with multiple components sourced from a variety of suppliers, it is no small task to ensure that each completed product is compliant with FTC guidelines.  After conducting our complete product line audit, we were excited by the number of products in our line that already met FTC regulations.  This success then led us to investigate ways in which some of our other products could be upgraded, changed  or re-sourced so that they too could bear the Made in the USA! symbol.

Our Product Development Committee (PDC) set to work locating stateside suppliers for the covers we use in our Sketchbooks and Journals. They were also able to source our Pot Holders from a new east coast supplier, and our new Ornaments are manufactured by a firm in the Northeast.  After some hard work, combined with a willingness to absorb some higher costs for these stateside components, we are very proud to be able to place the Made in the USA! symbol on all four of these products.

Fundraising Products Made in the USA

Fundraising products for kids made in the USAMade in the USA for school fundraising projects



Did you know that all final product assembly/finishing is performed in our two production facilities located in upstate NY?


When we announced our new Fall 2014 line, 6 of the 7 products we introduced met the Made in the USA guidelines!


So as you begin to choose which keepsakes you will choose to order, we hope you will consider some of our fundraising product Made in the USA.  We believe you will be very pleased!


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