Fundraising Ideas

Spring Fundraisers

Spring Fundraising

Spring Fundraising Original Works is the answer to your Spring Fundraising needs.  With several art-based fundraising programs available, we know that one will be a perfect fit for you.  Our  Online Gallery Program, allows you to create a virtual art gallery where all your ordering will be placed online.  If you prefer to offer a …

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School Fundraising Programs: 10 Reasons To Choose Original Works

School Fundraising Programs: 10 Reasons To Choose Original Works Choose a Leader in Profitable, Easy Fundraisers For Schools! Looking to make a real difference in your next fundraiser? Interested in trying something fun, creative, educational and profitable? How about an award winning program from Original Works? Since 1989 our fundraising programs have helped thousands of schools …

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Mother’s Day Fundraising

Mother’s Day Fundraising Mother’s Day Fundraising: The Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts! Mother’s Day gives us an opportunity to say “thank you” and “I love you” with unique, meaningful gifts from the heart! Kids love to create artwork for their mom’s, and Original Works provides a way to keep those memories fresh forever.  Looking for quality, …

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Fundraising for Organizations

Fundraising for Organizations Organizational fundraising is beneficial for a variety of reasons. It can bring together the people within your organization, uniting them as they work towards a common goal and fostering a sense of community within the group. Fundraising can also increase community awareness of your organization, bringing attention and recognition to your group and …

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Seasonal & Holiday Fundraising Ideas

Seasonal & Holiday Fundraising Ideas As seasons change, so do your fundraising needs. Take advantage of the generosity that soars during particular seasons during the year. The different holidays provide an opportunity for fundraising unlike any non-holiday period. One of the many benefits to using art as a fundraiser is that it is already suited towards the …

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Valentine’s Day Fundraising Ideas

A Valentine’s Day Fundraiser is a classic opportunity to showcase your child’s artwork. Schools notoriously use Valentine’s Day for special art projects. Who doesn’t remember the excitement of creating a masterpiece with hearts, lace, red markers, candy and so much more! The anticipation of handing out the final craft was almost as good as the work …

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Fundraising For Private Schools

Private School Art Fundraising PRIVATE SCHOOL FUNDRAISING IDEAS Since private, Catholic and Christian-based schools receive no public monies (except for – perhaps – some grants the administration has been able to land), creative ideas for fundraising for private schools that actuallywork are even more important than it is for public schools. Tuition rarely covers all the costs …

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Halloween Fundraising Ideas

Halloween Fundraising Ideas Looking for Halloween fundraising ideas? Original Works has a number of great Halloween fundraising options for schools, clubs, church groups and more. Our art-based fundraising programs enable you to quickly and easily transform children’s artwork into keepsakes and accessories that make great gifts for any occasion. With Original Works, you can select the program …

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Fall Fundraising Ideas

Fall is the “season” for fundraisers in schools across the country, whether they are public or private. Fundraisers help schools pay for incidentals such as field trips, extracurricular sports, band/music classes, theater classes/plays, and more.