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School Fundraising Programs & Unique Fundraising Ideas: Original Works

School Fundraising Programs by Original Works

The Original Art Based Fundraising Company

In 1989 Original Works first introduced the concept of transforming each child’s artwork onto individual, quality products that could be shared with family and friends. Thirty years later, we remain the leader in offering creative art based school fundraising programs nationwide. IN addition to supporting schools, our fundraising program ideas also have proven effective in supporting churches, synagogues, clubs and other local organizations.

The success of our unique approach and innovative art-based programs in thousands of schools and groups throughout the country, has enabled these groups to raise millions of dollars for worthwhile projects.

What are the keys to that success?

  • Self-Esteem – Our programs are designed to build self-esteem by bringing each child’s creativity to life on products they can share with family and friends.
  • Easy Administration – Our streamlined administration creates an easy fundraising program that requires minimal volunteer time and administrative effort.
  • Quality – Our quality, functional products offer inspired vehicles for displaying children’s artwork.
  • Passion – Our passion for children, art and education drives us to continue developing fun, easy, educational and safe school fundraising programs

Our goal is to keep developing fun, easy and creative fundraising ideas.

Find out how easy it is to start one of our creative fundraising ideas by calling 1-800-421-0020 or contacting us online and requesting our FREE brochure.

The Artwork Programs

At the core of our successful fundraising programs is the artwork, which is created by each program participant. The school or organization then selects the program that best meets their needs and objectives.

In our Original Program and the See Before You Buy Program, the artwork is submitted to us along with individual product orders (for items like coffee mugs, t-shirts, tiles, note cards, etc.) from family and friends.

If your school or organization chooses the Tile Wall Program, the artwork is reproduced onto stunning full color ceramic tiles that are later installed in the wall of a hallway or classroom.

Depending on the program you select, your organization has the opportunity to earn profit margins of between 33%-50%. Prefer to run the program as a service and not as a fundraiser? Let us know when you set up the program, and we will structure it so that the wholesale prices are simply passed along to the parents and students.

Fundraising Program Features

To simplify our process and maximize the benefits to our customers, we have incorporated a number of compelling features into our program. These include:

  • Free Marketing Materials
  • Free, Creative Art-Based Lesson Plans
  • Free Shipping & Handling on most orders
  • A No Paperwork Approach for easy administration
  • A Total Product Satisfaction Guarantee

For more information on programs, products and on how your school, church or community group can benefit from our art based fundraising programs, contact us today at (800) 421-0020 or connect with us online now.

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