Your image. Our products. Great prices.


Offering a unique way to promote your school or organization.

Introducing a collection of our most popular items featuring your photograph or artwork, and produced in quantities designed to meet your needs.


  • Profits from 33% to 50%
  • No out of pocket expenses: There are no setup fees or upfront charges.  Simply collect the orders & payments and then submit them for processing.
  • No additional charges for color:  Original Works does not charge extra for color.
  • Free shipping:  Shipping is included on all orders.
  • Low minimum quantities: Product minimums as low as 10 units!
  • Fast turnaround: Orders are produced in 10 business days and shipped directly to your school or organization.

Getting Started:

  • Choose Your Program: Standard or Campaign
    • Standard
      • Organization wants to place a “bulk” order for an item.
      • OWY produces the order and sends to school.
      • School is charged based on pricing grid.
    • Campaign
      • Promote the program.
      • We provide you with a customized informational flyer & order form that can be used to promote & simply ordering.
      • Organization collects orders up front.
      • Order is submitted to Original Works based on orders collected.
      • School is charged based on pricing grid
  • Submit your Image.  We accept digital or hard copy images
  • Orders.  Collect and submit orders to Original Works
  • Shipping.  The completed order ships within 10 business days of receipt.  Shipping is free of charge.